Baby Bottle Drive

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Partner with Care Net Manasota by hosting a Baby Bottle Drive at your Church/School/Business! We provide you with empty baby bottles to distribute to your participants. The participants keep the baby bottles for the length of the campaign, fill them with loose change (we’ll gladly accept cash too!), and at the end of the campaign, we’ll pick them up! It’s that easy! Every cent donated can make a big difference for LIFE!


How it works:

  • Call us and let us know what church/Bible Study/business/etc that wants to host a Baby Bottle Drive
  • Pick up bottles, or we would be happy to drop them off to you
  • Pass the bottles out to those interested in participating and give them a deadline
  • Drop them off at Care Net Manasota, or we can come pick them up! It’s that easy!

For questions or to get a Baby Bottle Drive started, please contact the Center at 941-751-1966.


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